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Alternatively, to try our burgers come and see us at our spiritual home, The Lamb Surbiton, on one of our Friday nights. Or book us for your event

All the photography used here is our very own and comes from the lenses of Tangle Photography.

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    Pretty much the best burger I’ve had – So if you love burgers enough to travel to Zone 6, you’re in for a treat! Just get there early these bad boy burgers sell out fast!

    -LDN LIFE 2017

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    There is a guy selling some seriously incredible burgers in Surbiton. Remember Boom Ting Burgers


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    Without exaggeration, the burger was the best I’ve ever tasted – incredible flavours. Different gear!


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    Dribblingly delicious – Burgers don’t get better than this. Our punters travel miles for these


The Beef

The Cows

Free Range Long Horn-Angus Cross over. Aged for 28 days

The Cuts

A mix of chuck, skirt and fatty rib eye. Fat content of around 25%

The Patty

150 gram patty. Coursley Ground on 30mm plate. Always gound the morning of service


BoomTing Burgers is really about quality Scotch beef. The cows in question are an Angus – Long Horn crossover, obviously free range, hung (min 28 days) and aged for us by Kevin Jennings.

If you are after serious burgers for your event that your guests will rave about for months after, book us now.


Our Burgers are pressed just before service from our freshly ground mix. The grind is a mix of chuck, skirt and fatty ribeye. No seasonings or extras are added A fat content of 25% easily holds the burgers together when they are smashed down on a searing hot griddle.

Our Green Chilli Cheese Burger is our signature burger, and made it onto the top US/UK Burger Blog – Burger Anarchy. Read their review titled- “A burger in the suburbs that could show the Central London spatulosos a thing or two”

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Click below for our Friday night burger menu at the Lamb, Surbiton

Friday Night Menu



The BoomTing

BoomTing Patty, Processed cheese, smoked baccon, ketchup, mustard,lettuce, pickle, mayonnaise

The House

BoomTing Patty, Colston Basset Stilton, smoked bacon, onion relish, , lettuce, pickled onions, mayonnaise

The Green Chilli Cheeseburger

BoomTing Patty, Gruyere, Vadasz Deli Helluva Peno relish , candied bacon, lettuce pickled red onion, mayonnaise.

Boomting Catering

We get asked too do all sorts of events in all sorts of places, from peoples houses and gardens to club houses and wind swept fields in the middle of nowhere. BoomTing tends to work best for informal parties of up to 70 people. Typically we would have waitress service taking orders and delivering the burgers to the guests

Although we are very open to requests a typical menu for a private party would be the BoomTing Burgers Menu supported by 2/3 sides/salds. Click here for a recent birthday menu for 60 people priced at £14.00 per head.

A note on Cheese

Cheese boards are very popular at the moment and we have a great relationship with Steve Parker’s Hampton Cheese and Wine. They have an incredible range of the best European cheeses, usually holding around 200 different varieties at a time from a possible stock of over 400. We can add a cheese board to any of our menus for around £3.50 a head.

Other Options

It might be that BoomTing is not appropiate for your event; numbers too large or lower budget
Sausalicious HotDogs offers a very cost effective way of feeding large no.s of people quickly with a fun, unique, quality product.

If you are looking for something a bit more formal for your event, Silver Grilla might be more appropriate. Silver Grilla is a joint collaboration between myself and Hugh Silver, a head chef friend of mine.
Silver Grilla is really about Moorish inspired grilled meats, supported by really colourful and vibrant sides. Lots of saffron, cumin, sumac, those types of flavours if you see what I mean.



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Our Friday Night Location

73 Brighton Road, Surbiton, KT6 5NF


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